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What Is Business Equipment Finance?

If the lender gives you a loan secured by your equipments, it’s called equipment finance. Normally equipment finance is given to buy medical or business equipments such as computers, business telephony systems that include phone, cell phones etc. You can avail equipment finance from both banks and non-bank finance providers. However, the finance provider will evaluate the value of the proposed equipment and your repaying capacity before disbursing the loan. If you want to buy an equipment through equipment finance in Australia, it’s very easy. Many banks and non-banking finance providers are out there to finance your proposed equipment at affordable interest rates.

Alliance Finance for instance finances a wide range of business equipment right from computers, office equipments, office furniture to materials handling equipments, internet connections with high speed and medical equipments.

GE Capital is another famous equipment finance company in Australia that mainly finances for equipments such as automobiles, mining equipments, construction equipment, printing equipments and health care equipments.

You can do some research before choosing your equipment finance company that matches your requirements.